My Journey

Being All I Can Be

On a warm sunny afternoon in June 2016 the idea to become an Image Consultant took root. after attended a women’s support group at the Center for Women, I was inspired by the women’s stories about their transitioning back into the workforce. One women in particular inspirited me. She had two young children and was in transition in regards to managing her family, career, and life in general. She started a consultancy firm to provide support and child services to mothers.  I was so inspired by her tenacity, I wanted to started my own business also, helping women. After discussing the different business ideas with my BFF Terry, we came up with a business in Image Consultancy.

I spent a year training. I took an online course and gained Certified Image Consultant CIC qualification.  I read and researched many books online and in print, visited countless websites to gain IC knowledge. I volunteered at Dress For Success, where I worked with women returning or entering the workforce by providing one-on-one wardrobe consultations.  I enhanced my styling and color analysis skills by styling mannequins, color coded clothing, and organized accessories in the boutique. I attend toastmaster International where I practice public speaking and mentor women in public speaking and presentation skills. I am a mentor at the Center for women, where mentor women working thru transitions.

I launched my Image Management Consultant business in August, and have been offering clients body and color analysis services.

I observe that many people are hungry for IC services


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