Styling for Success

Women in transition can look chic without spending a dime. This has been my greatest lesson working as a volunteer for Dress for Success Pittsburgh. As a Certified Image Consultant, I work with women as soon they enter the door of the boutique at Dress for Success, branch in Allegheny, Pittsburgh. Often they look apprehensive, but that apprehension turns to joy, when they discover they will be given a full set of clothing, accessories, and personal items free of charge, either for a job interview or starting a new job.

Red Black and white styling for success at DFS-3

Styling by Sonia Mckoy MBA CIC  C Me Image Management Consultant

As the volunteer Image Consultant my responsibilities include making the boutique attractive, professional, and current. This month the team features the colors Red, White, and Black.

Almost all of the international fashion designers featured the color “Red” in their fall and winter 2017 collection,

and  white is always a very popular summer color.  I personally love contrasting  red and white with black. Featuring these colors show the women entering the boutique how the colors and accessories can add dimension to their wardrobe, because these pieces are both timeless, chic, and accessible to them in their particular “WOW” colors. These items are all currently available at the local DFS in Pittsburgh.

Written by Sonia Mckoy

Edited by Terrylynn Tyrell


About C Me Image Management Consultant Sonia Mckoy

I love to help people manage the way they present themselves to the world
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